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As an artist, my work is driven by a deep observation of nature and the laws that animate its forms. Guided by the language of fine arts, I seek to create minimalist poetry that explores the aesthetic potential of balance. Sculpting paper supports to materialize impalpable forces through light and drawing is one of my favorite ways to express this. My career began in the early 2000s as a fresco designer for public buildings in France, but I eventually emigrated to China, where I spent eight years exploring new mediums and techniques. During this time, I transitioned from working on walls to transportable supports and became known in private collections. I also collaborated in the creation of a higher school of applied art (Lisaa) and incorporated traditional Asian techniques, including paper arts, into my work. While paper has always been a part of my art, my time in China saw it become my primary medium. Now living in Morocco, the country's unique light and lush vegetation inspire me to abstract in both my artbook and wall sculptures, conveyed internationally



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